Platinum Gardens is a local cannabis company that is one of 6 locally permitted cultivators. We played a critical role in assisting the City of Farmersville in the process that ultimately opened the door for a single cannabis retail establishment to be allowed within the city. Platinum Connection, our retail concept, will provide a high quality cannabis experience with the largest dispensary in the Valley. For travelers on their way to the Sequoia National Forest or medical patients living in and around the Visalia/Farmersville area we will be ready to help.

how platinum connection grew from an idea to reality

Why Farmersville and why now?

The Platinum Connection opportunity in Farmersville represents more than the infusion of new industry and local tax revenue. The proposed development of the property at 685 Noble Ave. directly off of 198 (Where Dave’s Heating and Air is currently located) clears the way for a new retail development zone and attractions. Platinum Connection will be a catalyst for growth in the city. 

Potential Benefits

  • Increased tax revenue for the City of Farmersville
  • Development of under used and underdeveloped property off of 198
  • Experienced team that is familiar with strict state security and track and trace requirements
  • Opportunities for new business with space for 5 retail locations
  • Platinum Connection will hire 19 employees and dozens of more jobs will be created by the additional retail businesses that will come
  • With addition of four 9,000 sq. ft cultivation facilities additional jobs and tax revenue will be created

we are part of the community

Working together to improve Farmersville

Members of our team are local shop owners, and business leaders and we are deeply tied to the community. We adopted Liberty Park and started to do work on the grounds.  In 2019, we will continue to contribute to youth programs through participation and donations. 

In the news

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